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For over 23 years, Happy Home has been a leader in providing quality care for young children in knowing that in a positive, supportive nurturing environment, they will flourish. Happy Home is geared toward educating and guiding children in all developmental areas. Our emphasis focuses on creating a positive self image, self esteem, self-discipline, and social relations. We believe our centers will educate and empower young children to use their problem solving and critical thinking skills, as they reach their fullest potential. 


Happy Home Christian Leadership Academy for Early Learners is rated one of the top preschools by Northern Virginia magazine and accepts children 12 months through 5 years of age. Since we know that early experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health, it is imperative that your thought provoking decision in choosing a child learning center will lead to future success. Some of the best years in life are the time spent as a child. As working adults in a fast paced society, we sometimes forget just how precious and fleeting those years are. With that in mind, IMAGINE an alternative to traditional infant, day and after school care that not only met your child’s needs, but also provided an academic and hands-on based learning environment. That is what you will find at our school.

Why Happy Home Christian Leadership Academy for Early Learners?

Everybody has a story. In 1994, I struggled to find quality childcare. I had seven horrific childcare experiences within three months. I kept asking myself “why me?" which is the wrong question to ask when you are going through adversity. 


The first childcare experience was when I dropped my son off 8:00am only to find him three hours later still in the same car seat with his coat on  sweating profusely. Experiences similar to  these happened 6 more times before I decided to surrender to the God and ask the right question. “What do YOU want me to do?  That is when I heard a very still small voice say these 7  words:



I quit my very lucrative accounting job the very next day and have been on a mission since then to provide

HOPE to parents who need to  find the Best childcare experience for their families).


I made a promise to myself that I would make certain that Happy Home not only met the parenting challenges of the 21st century, but also that programs and curriculum satisfied the needs of children who blessed us with their presence.

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